Guitar – Introduction to Lead Playing – Mac McCurdy

About the Workshop

This workshop describes an easy-to-learn way to transpose the country/folk tunes in your head to the same notes on the guitar finger board and up the neck. In short, on how to play the melody. Using an approach based on an understanding of simple chords, root notes, and scale forms, you’ll learn techniques on how to easily find the notes you need. For your part you’ll want to bring along a reasonably good ear, some basic ability on the guitar, and a willingness to do some practicing. And a guitar pick.

This is the same workshop that has been taught at the San Francisco Free Folk Festival for many years. You’ll receive a written handout explaining of everything taught. For questions you can reach Mac at

About Mac

Mac learned his chords several lives ago playing tenor banjo in a Dixieland band, and later moved to the guitar as his instrument of choice.