Jug Band Jam – Miller Wise and Christopher Richard


Miller Wise & Christopher Richard

[This was our jam at the San Francisco Free Folk Festival. Let’s see what the East Bay can do!] Jug-band music evolved busking on the street corner and in rent parties. In either case, the idea was to make people so happy that they would gladly part with their money. We promise to keep our hands off your cash, but our goal is to make people happy playing and or singing fun music.

The California Jug Band Association Fakebook will be provided. It contains a choice of about 20 classic jug-band and string-band blues songs, with words & chords. We will pick from among them to play. Most of the songs are either 3-chord blues forms, or ragtime circle-of-fifths numbers. Most are in the keys of C or G.

All are welcome. Bring your voices, guitars, fiddles, banjos, kazoos, harmonicas, musical saws, gut-bucket bass, what have you… and of course, don’t forget jugs!

California Jug Band Association https://www.facebook.com/CJBA2/


About Miller Wise

Miller Wise is a strong singer, plays guitar and mandolin. His evil twin is a whiz on kazoo. He currently plays with Jailhouse String Band, The Lucky Dogs, and Dave Matthews Blues Band. Born and raised in New Orleans, he has a sharp ear for quality performances of trad jazz, barrelhouse, jug band, and blues.

About Christopher Richard

Christopher Richard plays mandolin, currently working to adapt the role of the clarinet in trad jazz to string-band performance with Jailhouse String Band. He is President of the California Jug Band Association, and has played with Dr Zarcon’s Amazing Breathing Machine, Jugology, and Ukuletion.