Effective Practicing – John Tuttle

About the Workshop

Effective Practicing: Make the Most of Your Time in the Woodshed

What – you don’t have 10,000 hours to practice? Never fear – you can still master that difficult song, and make dramatic improvements in your playing or singing in whatever time you do have. In this workshop John will introduce practice techniques that will help you learn quickly and deeply. He’ll discuss some common practicing mistakes to avoid. Concepts covered will apply to both solo and group practice. This will be an interactive workshop – bring your instrument and any questions about your particular musical challenges.


About John

John Tuttle studied music theory and composition at SUNY Binghamton and at UC Berkeley. He is an accomplished composer, arranger and music director, as well as pianist and guitarist. He has experience in a wide variety of musical situations including classical concert halls, theater pits, recording studios, cruise ships, bar bands, jazz jams, and folkie coffee houses. John is a member of Quake City Jug Band www.quakecityjugband.com; and The Lonestar Retrobates www.lonestarretrobates.com