Organic Chorus – Marianne Barlow

Marianne Barlow

About the Workshop

Organic food nourishes your body; organic music nourishes your soul! Everyone is invited to come join in the joy of singing. No experience necessary. Marianne will quickly have you singing acapella rounds and harmony songs that will delight and enliven your spirit. You might encounter songs about food, frogs, trees, friends, or Life. Oh, and a special spooky song for Halloween time.


About Marianne

Marianne Barlow is a bay area singer-songwriter, chorus leader and music teacher. She directs the Kensington-based Organic Women’s Chorus, which she co-founded in 2009. After 18 years as an elementary and preschool teacher, she launched her own business teaching music lessons to beginners in guitar, piano and ukulele.

Find out more at Her 2008 CD of original songs is available at Email: