Political Song Swap – Rob Katz

Rob Katz

About the Workshop

Songs have been part of every social movement.  In these times of resistance, new political songs are needed so that the outrageous is not normalized, and old political songs gain new resonance.  In this political song swap people are invited to share new (& original) songs as well as old ones, whatever they feel speaks to the moment we are in.  Whether a song is “political” will be your call. Come to raise your spirits and maybe have a few laughs.


About Rob

Rob Katz has been writing songs and original musical theater for more than 20 years. He draws inspiration from current events and can inspire you with his timely, poignantly humorous and serious politically instigated songs. Rob has led political song swaps at past San Francisco Folk Club events, and shares his unique musical creations at various community gatherings that yearn for uplifting social commentary.