Three Part Harmony – Muse Crossing


Muse Crossing

About the Workshop:
Three Part Harmony: What to Listen For, Which Notes to Sing
Great three-part singing is magical, moving and can be hard to come by. This workshop is designed for singers eager to improve their harmony skills by diving in! Perfection is not expected. Muse Crossing will demonstrate two or three songs in different styles and then teach the harmonies we’ve worked out, explaining why we chose the notes we did. There will be sheet music for folks who like that sort of thing.


About Muse Crossing

Muse Crossing is Shawn Dohring, Michèle Voillequé and Mark Walstrom – three very different musicians who share a passion for singing. They play eclectic arrangements of folk, popular, and classical songs, always with an emphasis on tight vocal harmony. They have many inspirations, but mostly they choose beautiful songs that they can make our own. They record like they perform: in one room, listening to each other. They’ve been singing together as often as they can since early 2013. “Muse Crossing covers are like seeing an old friend that you remember being kind of pretty, and noticing she is now radiant and gorgeous.” – R. N. “Good for the Heart!” – F. S. After they opened for Marin/Marin at Studio 55: “The other act, “Muse Crossing” turned out to be a wonderful harmony-singing trio with a fabulous blend and great arrangements.” – Rik Elswit